Summer Breakdown

by The Hartford Pussies

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released June 21, 2013



all rights reserved


The Hartford Pussies Washington, D.C.

The Hartford Pussies began in South Carolina as a Beat Happening cover band. That band was awesome, but hardly musical; and ultimately yielded Pity Rally. After a relocation to just inside the Capital Beltway, the Pity Rally moniker was retired in favor of The Hartford Pussies, inspired by a deep-rooted love for hockey video games. Band influences include punk and college radio. ... more

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Track Name: Jeggings for a Generation
I want the softest
With the deepest pockets
I heard them calling
But they always feel threadbare


When I'm right beneath you
I can barely see you
Yeah, I need some more lines
But they always feel threadbare


And the looks that we steal
Watching shit roll downhill
Wrapped in clothes that aren't real
Yeah, it always feels threadbare
Track Name: Summer Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo
Sick of going through this world alive
I wanna get fucked up, I wanna go for a drive
To burn motor oil through this mortal coil
Melodrama, politics aside

You can come along, but the flesh is weak
And I don't like to speak when I go lunting
With our roles assigned, we can sleep behind
This Potemkin village fronting

Sweet siren song that calls me home
Let's get fucked up and go swimming
I hate this town when the sun goes down
Let's get fucked up and go swimming

Pecan Sandy, my boon companion
I left you standing at your dad's place
But you rubbed my hair and then we burned that chair
For its resistentialistic ways

You wouldn't know that I'm the Pope of Rome
When I'm zoned and I'm dancing at the motel
And when you took a swing, well God Save the King
It's the same old thing, it doesn't go well
Track Name: Who You Gonna Believe?
All mama said to do
Before twenty-two
The things that only help
Who am I to try to help myself?

Pawned the family silver spoons
Keep busy, keep employed
Fuck the man you always said
Such a fuckin badass in your head

Can you be more, Eliza?
Can you try any harder?
Can you be more, Eliza?
Can you try any harder?

Stealing from everyone
Your style is so much fun
I would a piece of you
What looks good might look good on me too
Track Name: Alligator Eyes
I hope you get so sad you cry
With alligator eyes
Track Name: Ponyville
I met Mr. Whiskers outside the ball
I said you're cute, but you're not very tall
What do you say we blow this pop stand?
Make our way down to Pony Land

On the road with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
Found a baby on the way to the bash
Let's name this kid Fireworks
She can sleep on our back porch

Ponyville yeah (x4)

Uh-oh, we're late for the talent show
I said let's knock their socks off and go
Let's say goodbye to the mountain
Make our way down to Ponyville dancin

Mr. Whiskers said hey will you marry me
I said yes, cuz that's the end of the story
Now that I got a crown and some wings
I can do almost anything